Hmm learning Spanish!

We have now been living on this beautiful island for 4 months and I still can’t speak much Spanish. Everyone wants to practise their English!

I try and make time to study everyday but I am not making much progress past the basics, such as “how are you?” and “Hola!”

So rubbish, really need to find a way to engage more….

Oranges and lemons

We are settling in to our lovely new home in Es Capdella, a beautiful little village up in the mountains of the South West of Mallorca.

We have a house,  our belongings and a pool – what more could you ask for?

Perhaps a graden full of orange and lemon trees? We have that as well,  the weather is glorious and the views from our house are amazing.

Do I want to go back to the UK and leave all this behind? Sometimes I do, with the language problems, cyclists everywhere and mad drivers but one glance at the oranges and lemons with mountains behind and the urge seems to pass……


Boxes, boxes everywhere….

We have had a week of camping in an empty house!  Matresses on the floor and tea from a saucepan (no kettle)!
A small fridge and just our belongings we brought over in our one suitcase each and that’s all we had until all our things arrive a week later! Now we have gone from empty house to boxes everywhere……


Lots of unpacking to do but great to have all our stuff back. Now where is that kettle?

We did it…

We have finally gone and done it. Moved into our new house in Es Capdella in Mallorca. We are pretty much camping in an empty house until our belongings arrive (will take a week). Feels like a holiday at the moment I wonder when the reality will sink in?


Still the kids are enjoying their new pool!

Back to the UK…

Heading back to the UK for 10 days of frantic sorting before we head to Mallorca for good – OMG!!!!!!


Took a Ryanair flight which was the normal chaos with a severe lack of charm!  Screaming children and unhelpful staff! They took our hand luggage off us with no warning and luckily my husband grabbed our paperwork out of it, whilst they tried to tugg it out of his hand!

If he hadn’t our pasports would have been the wrong side of passport control!! I’m not sure how you would get around such a situation!

Still it reminds us of the general hospitality and warmth of UK customer service!

Lovely to be back in good old blighty!

Our new home…

Tried to get our NIE numbers today and failed! Complete chaos and no idea what we were supposed to be doing!

But we did sign the rental contract on our new home for the next year…


…and we opened a spanish bank account. We also bought ourselves a car – to be collected when we arrive in just under two weeks!

We now have somewhere to live when we move here – just the Spanish paperwork to get in order now!

We will have to sort the rest from the UK now, as we head home to England tomorrow. Ready for our move to Mallorca 10 days later……

Things to do, people to see….

Still here in Mallorca doing our sorting out and enjoying the sunshine – it is gloriously sunny and hot!


Back to the reason we are here….we have decided to pay a relocation agency to sort all our residency papers for us (I know cop out) as we simply don’t have time before Paul has to start work  – there is only one full day between arrival and first day at work!!

We have visited the local school and they very kindly showed us around and introduced the children to their soon to be classmates! The kids seem much more relaxed about the whole idea, now they have seen their new school – although they were nervous at the time!

Paul is at work this morning to meet his new work collegues and introduce himself – hope it all goes well. Fingers crossed.

We are hoping to meet the Estate Agent later to sign the rental agreement!

So that all means……
Paperwork – sorted!
School – sorted!
Work – sorted!
Somewhere to live – nearly 😉

Feel like we are finally getting somewhere…..

3 weeks to go!

Trying to sort out paperwork in Spanish – nightmare! !

Trying to find some where to live in Mallorca – nightmare!

Trying to pack everything up ready to go – nightmare!

Trying to advise everyone of our imminent departure from the UK – nightmare!

Trying to keep the home sane and normal (ish) for the children – nightmare!

Despite it all, I am still somehow holding it all together – I wonder when I will snap?



Wow! Now we are in trouble.

There I was leisurely sorting out all our rubbish and planning to head out to Mallorca in late May / early June, however my dear husband has ruined all my well laid plans – by getting a job!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has to start early May!


Bad sleep last night; wondering how we are going to get everything done and find a place to rent out there in 4 weeks?

Where do you start……..????